Philosophy of Alianza Lima de Maryland

At Alianza Lima de MD our philosophy has and always will be to put our players first. We are educators and the development of our players is of utmost importance. Our commitment to our players is unwavering. Our desire is to see our players learn and effectively improve their skill through our effective coaching program. We seize upon victories as well as defeats as teaching moments to build on self-confidence and positive character traits such as discipline, self-motivation, self-worth and love for the game.

We focus on effort rather than outcome and standards are built for continuous learning and improvement. We encourage and try to inspire regardless of a player's skill level and strive for them to get better without threatening them through fear, intimidation, or shame. We create partnerships with players by involving team members in determining team rules and communication to build effective relationships.

We strive to develop appropriate relationships with players based on respect, caring, and character. We have an obligation to the game we love and look to share that love and enjoyment with all. We respect opponents, recognizing that a worthy opponent will push our teams to do their best. Our positive teaching manner, produce the best players and, ultimately, the best results.